All eSmoke eLiquid is blended by skilled Mixologists who have combined Decades of experience specifically mixing eLiquid.

All eSmoke eLiquid blending, bottle filling and packaging all happen inside of our class 10k clean room to insure Top Quality liquid. Our standards of the manufacturing are at or above the level of many pharmaceutical facilities.

eSmoke eLiquid is blended from Kosher Pharmaceutical Grade PG and VG. Our eLiquid is blended specifically to vape perfectly in today’s finest Tanks. We are constantly monitoring and testing the latest’s and most advanced Tanks to insure the perfect vape out of every puff from the eSmoke eLiquid.

No skimping on flavoring here!… we infuse every batch of eLiquid with as much flavor as we possibly can. More flavor means happy customers and with over 50 custom blended flavors there is sure to be a few flavors that are perfect for you.

Vape with Confidence… Here at eSmoke we have 3 levels of Quality control.

Secondly, our entire manufacturing team is dedicated to maintaining a clean professional environment free of any contaminants.

Lastly, we Consult with an independent third party Laboratory to perform Batch testing on all eSmoke eLiquid. Tests include GC/FID and GS/MS. On the bottom of each Bottle you will find a Batch ID number. These Batch Id’s are to insure that our concentrations are perfect. Furthermore the laboratory tests for over 50 known Contaminants and carcinogens that have been found in inferior eLiquid from other manufacturers. Kosher Smoke is tested for and proven to be diacetyl free.

eSmoke contains USP Kosher Propylene Glycol, USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Artificial and/or Natural Flavors, USP Nicotine.

USA Manufactured

Premium eLiquid is MADE IN THE USA and goes through rigorous testing in order to ensure the highest quality product for our customers. Our eLiquid is made from only the purest raw ingredients and flavored with approved commercial flavorings.

Batch Tested

The batch number corresponds with the lab tests for the batch of liquid your product came from. All our eJuice / eLiquid has gone through GC/FID and GS/MS testing to ensure it doesn’t contain unknown contaminants and impurities .

Diacetyl & Acetone Free

We are aware of the concerns faced with Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin.  All of our raw materials are tested to ensure it doesn’t contain unknown contaminants and impurities as well as to ensure the nicotine strength is as advertised.